How to fix unauthorized content disabled in Roku?

Are you having issues on, connecting to the video stream from your earlier Roku players? The versions that face this problem are Roku LT, Roku 2 and Roku 3. It is one of the main Roku problems that users face.  The error message that will display on your screen when you attempt to view a channel from these devices is, “HDCP unauthorized access content disabled”.

Before we get down to the Roku purple screen fix, let us first learn what this Roku HDCP 2.2  –  error is and why it is so important.

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection is similar to a copyright that protects digital media content from being copied by HDCP unauthorized Roku personnel.

The connection types that are protected by the HDCP are,

  • DisplayPort (DP)
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
  • Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF)
  • Unified Display Interface (UDI)

The technology was developed by Intel and was designed to give the error Roku purple screen unauthorized whenever someone tries to play an HDCP encrypted content. The Roku buffering problem can occur even after you pay a subscription towards a particular channel. Be assured that the issue lies neither in your streaming device nor in your Roku com link account. For instance, you can use our Netflix Roku troubleshooting to overcome the Roku not connecting to the Netflix issue.

Roku Setup

Roku Features

4K HDR Content

Some Roku players and Roku TVs support 4K or 4K HDR content.

Handy Remote

The remote control allows you to quickly become familiar with controlling your TV.

Voice Search

Use naturally spoken phrases to search and control your Roku TV.

Built-in Tuner

Connect an HDTV antenna and watch free wireless television broadcasts.

Pause live TV

Connect a USB memory stick to your Roku TV and pause live TV for up to 90 minutes.

Roku Mobile App

Use the Roku mobile application as your remote control.

Performing the Roku Error Code 014 Fix –

The culprit here is your HDMI cable. An old wire that is not compatible with HDCP or a faulty HDMI cable is reasons for the Roku purple screen with sound. And the only way to overcome it is by replacing your HMDI cable. The same technique is applicable for Roku streaming stick HDCP – unauthorized error. After making this replacement you may however want to restart all the connected devices such as your Roku, TV and the router before giving another try.

We have often had complaints from our customers saying that they are unable to play popular channels such as Netflix(Netflix HDCP Unauthorized Error), Hulu, Amazon, NBA Game Time or NBA Game Pass. And the error message too is similar or the same one that we had discussed earlier in this article. It is always easier to troubleshoot a device with the corresponding error message. There have been few instances when customers complain about having a blank purple screen on their TVs when they try to play a certain channel using the Roku device.

This too is caused by HDCP encrypted content which is not transmitted to your TV screen because of a faulty HDMI cable. Sometimes a factory reset will take care of streaming common Roku problems. Hope this article helped you out in learning about Roku HDCP – unauthorized fix. Content disabled” error. For further queries with your Roku devices, please call us now at our toll-free number or use our Roku troubleshooting guide.

Roku Activation Issue: Get New Code

There are other issues you may face with the Roku box activation. If you get an error code while entering the activation code, then try these simple remedy steps.

  • Make sure that you always enter the correct code. If not, enter the same Roku activation code for the second time. Use the Roku link enter code for this.
  • But before that navigate to the login to my Roku link and open Roku my account page.
  • If the code was correct and you’re still not able to make the connection, then it could be a system or network error, in which case all you need is to wait for some more time.
  • Go ahead and generate a new code if the previous steps failed. Click on the Help option to do this.
  • Patience is the key here as it generally takes a few minutes for your code to appear on your television.
  • In spite of all this, if you find that you are not able to get a new code, then you may go ahead and try resetting your Roku device.
  • Under the Settings menu select the Factory Reset option to reset the Roku device.
  • Once the reset is complete, regenerate the activation code to start streaming.
  • Follow the Roku activation link to activate your Roku device.

Don’t feel bad if you have tried everything on the web and still not able to get a new code for we are just a call away to give you some expert advice on the issue. However, it is better to complete the Roku account setup first. Otherwise, are you wondering how do I set up my Roku? For such issues, you can contact our Roku technical support team.

Unable to connect to the home network (Roku troubleshooting wireless connection)

Before beginning your activation process, make sure that you do not face any Roku wifi problems. Because if your Roku can’t connect to internet then you’ll neither be able to do the activation nor be able to stream videos seamlessly. You can connect your Roku box with your router using a wired Ethernet cable or make a wireless connection. Similarly, you can also fix the Roku streaming stick problems connecting to the internet. Contact the Roku tech support to overcome any issue with your device.

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