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First launched sometime in 2010, a TV Everywhere Service, HBO Go is offered by HBO, which is also America’s premium cable network. The type of service each of them provide is remarkably different. HBO Go offers on-demand content containing HBO’s originals from the past, film specials, sports events, etc., compatible with a range of devices. To make the most of the streaming channel right away perform the HBO Go Roku activate process.

HBO Go Roku activate

HBO Go Roku activate

HBO Go Roku

Just subscribe to HBO Now on the device. As usual, you head over to the Channel store on Roku to look for the app and then click on Add Channel. Thereafter, the app will be automatically featured on the player’s main page. You must create an account for Roku activation by entering Roku activation code to use its services. The account will also contain all the details of your subscriptions and cancellations. It also gives you the freedom to customize the account with the help of a PIN and allows you to keep a track of your payments. After you have completed the HBO Go Roku activate, you can watch all your preferred entertainment from the channel.

HBO Go App

If you wish to avail HBO Go on a device other than the Roku, then just download the free HBO Go app from the respective Play store.

Not standalone

HBO Go is offered as part of the HBO cable package through any of the participants such as Time Warner. Available on a variety of devices including the Roku, the streaming service is free for those who have subscribed to HBO. While it does not offer live TV, you can choose from films, original content and loads of specials from HBO’s library. Live content is typically available right after HBO’s broadcast. HBO is a paid service, but HBO Go, since it is bundled with HBO, is absolutely free.

Difference between Standalone, HBO Go and HBO On-demand

You can use HBO’s HBO Now app, if you’re a cord-cutter who doesn’t want to deal with a TV provider. Costing about $15 per month, the standalone streaming service will give you access to original on-demand content from HBO. But if you subscribe to HBO On Demand, you will get about 150 hours of HBO, although this is not the complete library. This has to be accessed through a TV provider unlike HBO Go, which comes free. Satellite customers have to go through the TV provider and the fees might vary.

Signing up for HBO Go

  • Go to to purchase an HBO subscription if you don’t have one, through a participating TV provider. You will receive a username and password for your account. To sign in to HBO Go, use these credentials.
  • Open the website on a computer and click on Sign In
  • You can also open the website on an internet-enabled device
  • From the list of providers, choose the TV provider where you hold an account
  • Enter your credentials at the space provided
  • Assign a unique name for your HBO Go profile or ID
  • Fill any optional fields that you see thereafter and click Save

Furthermore, any queries on HBO Go Roku activate visit or call our toll-free number +1-805-357-1100

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