Here are the Some Common Roku Problems

Some of the most common Roku problems are due to the Wi-Fi connectivity or the remote. While the Sharp Roku TV can easily be hard and soft reset to combat its daily issues, the wireless signal issues can be really disenchanting. For one, any problem with the device, its components as well as accessories do not let you watch your favorite channels. Especially when Wi-Fi stops, everything stops. Here are few problems that we might commonly encounter with the Roku device and their troubleshooting. Most of the time, users can easily execute these themselves.

How To Fix Common Roku Problems

How To Fix Common Roku Problems

Wi-Fi issues

Most of the time, issues with the Wi-Fi are due to heavy traffic congestion in your area. Use a Wi-Fi Analyzer to detect the jam in your area. You may also want to verify compatibility of internet speeds with the Roku player. For this, call your ISP.

Roku Reset

Before that, we will tell you how you can reset your Roku. When you feel that the device just isn’t performing well, just go ahead and carry out the following steps.

Note: You can apply a reset whenever you want.

Soft Reset

The soft reset is one of the most preferred methods of troubleshooting the device and with this, most Roku problems can be addressed easily. In any case, you should still be able to use the buttons on your remote to navigate the screen. Only then is the soft reset possible. Go to ‘Settings’ and under ‘System’ you will find the ‘Power’ option from where you can press ‘System Restart’.

Reset using the button

Locate the reset button on the player and hold it down until the logo appears on the screen. From here on, just setup like you did the first time you got the device.

Hard Reset

Restore the factory settings of your device through the remote. Go to ‘System’ -> Advanced Settings’ ->’Factory Reset’ and then click on ‘Yes’. These steps also depend upon the type of device that you own.

Remote not working

But all hell breaks loose when your remote stops working. Because this is what controls the player and to some extent your TV too. Roku basically wields two types of remotes, the standard IR, and the ‘point-anywhere’. Open the battery compartment of your remote to figure out which one you have.

Standard IR Remote

If you are having issues with your standard IR remote, then the problem could be due to non-receptivity of the signals, or faulty batteries.


Any objects in the line of view between the player and remote should be removed out of the way. Now, when you point the remote at your streaming device it should accept the commands. But all the same, if you feel that this is not the issue, then try taking the remote close to the player to see if it works.

Battery Reset

When all seems fine and there are no obstructions, then it would be best to reset the batteries to resolve Roku Problems. This only means you open the remote’s battery compartment, remove its contents, wait for a while and then place them back. You must also ensure that they are placed appropriately, otherwise the remote may not work.

Replace batteries

If resetting the batteries doesn’t work either, then it is time to replace the remote with fresh batteries. Roku’s standard IR remote uses either AAA or AA sized batteries. Insert new ones into the remote and point it at the player. The devices should work now.

‘Point-Anywhere’ Enhanced Remote

To troubleshoot your enhanced remote, it would be best to restart both the player and the remote. For this, open the compartment at the back of the remote and remove its batteries. Then wait for some time and place them in. Restart the Roku device too by unplugging its power cable. You must wait for a few minutes before you power it on again.

Remote Pairing Again

If the above doesn’t suffice and your Roku Problems persist, then pair the remote again. In this case, too, reset the remote and the Roku device with a small change. Don’t put the batteries into the remote yet. After you have restarted the player, wait for the home screen to appear on the TV and then insert the batteries into the remote. Look for the pairing button near the battery compartment and press it for about 3 seconds. A pairing light should start flashing. The remote will then establish a connection with the device. This process by itself takes at least 30 seconds to complete. Once the pairing dialog appears on the screen, you are good to go.

Fresh batteries

Just like you would any other remote, replace the batteries with a fresh pair. The process is slightly different though and not the same as the standard IR remote. You have to reboot both the device and remote to insert the batteries.

The Mobile App

When none of the above work to resolve your Roku problems, then you can always use the mobile app. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, the Roku app is one of the best alternatives to your remote.

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