Universal Remote For Roku Streaming Devices

Control your Roku devices using Roku universal remotes. These remotes can be used with the cable box, Roku TV, Blue-ray, sound bar and DVD players. There are different models of Roku universal remotes. Choose the best one that is compatible to use with your device.

Remote package

The universal remote package consists of AAA batteries, Roku adapter kits, remote manual and the remote. Read the manual to know more about the features of the remote and its accessories.

Roku Universal Remote

More about Roku universal remote

  • Uses IR technology that programmes 8 buttons to use with multiple devices.
  • A universal remote is the best choice for cord cutters. It’s easy to make the channel selections if you are using HD antennas.
  • Top and attractive design.
  • Features such as touch screen and voice control help to make your selections easily.

Popular Roku universal remotes

Here are some of the Universal remotes that are compatible to use with your Roku.

Side click Remote SC2RK16K

  • Open the remote package and you can find accessories that include four adapter kits to use with different models of Roku streaming media players.
  • Use the Remote to control basic functions of your device.
  • In addition, uses IR technology to programme the remote.

There are certain Roku models that are not compatible to use with IR technology. For these models, Logitech Harmony remotes can be used as a replacement.

Inteset INT 411 4-in-1

  • Has excellent security features such as volume and channel lock.
  • Macro programming that allows to programme 32 commands to a single button.
  • Set up code lookup tool can be used to set up the remote with your Roku players. These codes can be obtained from the respective website.
  • The device set up code for Roku-03061.
  • Also, the remote can control up to four devices.

Logitech harmony elite is the widely used remote and you can use the remote anywhere in your home. Features such as Color screen, voice search, automatic power on and off attracts most of the customers.

To Use Logitech Harmony remote for Roku TV

  • To begin with, Power on your Roku TV to set the inputs automatically.
  • Set up and activate your Roku device.
  • Use the Harmony mobile app to connect to the harmony hub. Then, navigate to the menu and then to the Harmony set up.
  • Choose the option, add and edit devices.
  • Add device button will be located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the entertainment device and then enter the model number of your Roku device.
  • Choose the yes option.
  • Also, answer the series of questions that are visible on your screen.
  • Finally, select your device and the favorite channel.

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